The E-Grotto collective consists of individuals who enjoy connecting to the cyberdomain.

The Collective were founded by God in May 2017 to collect and provide high quality solutions for creative experimental individuals. A place grounded in hypertext dreams woven together in a multidimensional and collective expression.

The Grotto operates on a referal basis where members are invited only by a bloodwarm recommendation by one of our existing members.

If you are worthy, we will contact you.


18.12.19 - Welcome our new member Mech X

18.12.19 - Welcome our new member Tej

15.11.19 - We have disposed of some inactive souls.

14.11.19 - Welcome our new member Chernobyl

14.07.19 - Welcome our new member TheThirdEye

01.06.19 - Welcome our new member Ezekiel

22.10.18 - Welcome our new member Cenobite

22.04.18 - Welcome our new member Bornless

23.10.17 - We have published our first zine

16.10.17 - Welcome our new member Keiser


Label focused on experimental and electronic atmospheres.

Artist Roster

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The Electric Grotto Collective publishes online zines.

Zine 1

Zine 2